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Nevertheless unsure as to what a hookah pen really is? No worries. a vaporizer which provides an individual the tactile connection with cigarette smoking but minus the harmful substances. It’s a sleek, pen-shaped item comprising of a atomizer which turns fluid into delicious, dense, satisfying vapor.

Kick the cigarettes into the curb

If you’re a slave to cigarettes but like to give up smoking, a hookah pen is the best friend. Your hands won’t miss anything as you’ll remain puffing away, albeit without having the sour smoke smell, dirty ash, and butts to get rid of. Hookah pencils are cleaner, safer and more socially accepted than cigarettes in lots of places. Puff away, then slip it back in your pocket or bag…no dusty ash in sight, no side-eye looks from your buddies. To be clear…a hookah pen is not just a fancy e-cigarette. E-cigarettes contain smoking, but hookah pens try not to. › ادامه مطلب